How do I get rid of roaches?

Pests of any kind are concerning but we know that roaches, in particular, are especially distressing. Many companies advertise roach sprays, baits, and traps that can work for a while but, they don’t address keeping roaches out, which can be tricky when you consider that roaches often hitchhike inside cardboard boxes, paper bags, and packages left on your porch. The real source of entry to your home or business starts with the cracks, crevices, and holes in your foundation. Sealing these openings around your foundation, doorways, windows, sewers, drainpipes, and other points where roaches can gain entry to your home or business excludes roaches from your property. To make your space uninteresting to roaches and other pests by clean up all food prep and service areas after each meal or snack, washing dishes immediately after each meal, sweeping or vacuuming food areas regularly, storing all dry pantry items in glass, metal or hard plastic containers that are air-tight, etc. Keep your inside trash area and outdoor trash receptacle area clean and sanitized. It’s also important to eliminate clutter and avoid storing cardboard in your attic or garage. If you have a severe roach problem and nothing seems to work a cracked plumbing pipe or sewer line may be the culprit. A plumber may utilize a camera or smoke test to determine if there is cracked pipe that is allowing roaches entry. For help with eliminating roaches and other pests, contact locally-owned Holifield Pest Management Pest Control in Pompano Beach or Boynton Beach

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